Sunday, February 19, 2006

More work for Fae

Hey long as you'll be hangin out, can you help me with this room too? ;o)


Kathi said...

ooooo is that the RuStudio???

Barb Fajardo said...

hehe, well it's a little bit of everything as you can see Kath...but since the floor has clay bits all over it, I guess it's mostly my studio...much to DH's chagrin (sp?)

I just moved that old dining room table in from the messy portal out back. ahhh...I can spread out my mess now!

Anonymous said...

LOL! Oh man I'd love to help with that. Nothing's more fun than going through other peoples stuff. ;) And it looks like enough room for 2 people to clay... okay this is tempting now. hehe

Barb Fajardo said...

I'm slowly but surely taking over that room. And I'm thinking I could get at least three, maybe four of us in there :o)

We just got back from a walk along the "bosque" (the river and ditch area of the Rio Grande) and the weather is absolutely perfect ;o)

Kamoe said...

If I enjoy your photos, then I hate the more to see from my window. Wet, coldly and grey as far as you can see. There one can lead better the life of a bear and sleep still spring is coming.
Your work-area is an paradise for any clayer, woowww.

Barb Fajardo said...

Spring will be here before you know it Karin...until then, stay inside and clay, clay, clay...:o)