Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Materials list for today's solo playday...

1) Old beads that were supposed to be antiqued with acrylic someday
2) Various alcohol inks
3) Various embossing powders
4) Liquid Clay
5) Paper Towel
6) Water
7) Alcohol (for cleanup, not for drinking)
8) Small paintbrush, makeup sponge applicators
9) Heatgun
10) Various grits of sandpaper

So, I played like crazy. Came out with some pretty okay stuff I'm glad to say. I'll have a few to show on New Year's Day so that I can claim they are 2009 beads ;o)

Notice the widget on the left side of my blog that will take you to President-Elect Barack Obama's site to vote on a very important cause! It is all about requiring National Parks to sell only American made crafts and souveniers. Have a Safe and Prosperous 2009!

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Sometimes I feel like one. Lately, I end up with all kinds of surface treatments spread out around me, and most times I can't even remember what my original focus was going to be. Sometimes I get lucky and some great stuff happens...other times it's junk. Most of us only show our most beautiful stuff, but Elise Winters has started a page on Facebook to show some of her struggles as an artist. I think it's extremely generous for her to do this and an absolutely awesome idea. Keep checking back...she only just put up this page.

For now I'm going to show you some lovely petals I made yesterday...too bad they ended up in trash :o(

Monday, December 08, 2008

Every New Year I tell myself to get out there more...teach, write more articles, do more shows, enter more juried competitions and maybe to sell at on-line sites like Etsy rather than just from my own website. Etsy seems so glutted already...I mean sheesh, I would have to really be on top of my game to get seen there!

I'm thinking of trying out a new selling site for handcrafted items called If 10 of you sign up through me, I will get the $7/month premium account free for life! You can do the same thing too, so if you decide to sign up make sure that you invite 10 others to join so that you can get your free premium account too! As far as I can tell, there are no other fees associated with selling there. I'm fairly sure this offer ends at the end of December, so if you you'd like to try a new on-line selling venue, sign up with ArtFire and maybe we'll all get rich and famous ;o)

Register on

Friday, December 05, 2008

Victorian/Antique Inspirations

I've always love rusted, crackled, antiqued, soft looking things. Then the shapes, a ruffle, a flower, the flow of a piece. I really love these felted neckwarmers created by Irena Rudman from Israel (although I think she's Russian). Aren't they just beautiful? Not to mention how warm and comfy they look. Be sure to look around her website too. The blend of metals is just so pretty in these delicate earrings from AmberSky. The mixture of different colors of metal in a piece is incredibly appealing. I'm looking at brass and copper in a different way.

And now that I've done most of my work where Progress and Possibilities is concerned, posted lots of things on my clearance page, I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. I'm cleaning up messes and starting to feel it again...yay....!!