Friday, February 23, 2007

My booth in Tucson at TBTB

Thought you all might like to see my smiling face. My good friend Kathi who came along to Tucson to help her friends with potty breaks and such took this photo of me at my booth in the SilverBell Ballroom at the Manning House Mansion...and OMG! I got accepted into the New Mexico Arts and Crafts Fair this summer in Albuquerque!!

If you would like to see pictures of Jana, Kathi, Christi and Sarah at To Bead True Blue this year...check out my flickr photos.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Capped on bead style

Here is my new lentil style (also shown in the previous necklaces made for Tucson)...matte finish with caps on top. The bead holes from side to side still, but closer to the top of the bead, so that when they're strung they curve inward. I'm also into mixing matte and polished of the same colors...

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Necklaces made for Tucson

Finally, now that things are back to sort of normal around the house, I wanted to show you all a couple of necklaces that I made for Tucson using the photos of the Native American pots (previous post) that were my inspiration. I priced these sort of high, so I figured they wouldn't sell (which is good, really...making jewelry is NOT my strong suit, so I will keep these for display at future shows). My bud Kathi (who is quite the shopper I must say!) had to have one of the black ones, so it went to a good home. I'll show you a couple more necklaces that I made for the Tucson show in my next post. Hope you all are well :o)