Saturday, April 24, 2010

No peace and quiet on a Saturday...

Here I was getting ready to be productive this morning.  I have two classes ready for CraftEdu, but both or at least one needs narration.  I knew Rudy was out to play golf, Dan had a track meet to coach and Evan was supposed to be working at UNM.

Must check Facebook first :o)  Then after getting showered, gulping down coffee and readying myself for a not so pleasant task (who likes the sound of their own voice?) Evan pops in.  "They put me in a new building and my key doesn't work...I'm locked out!"....kay....about an hour later he leaves to go play basketball and I think "yesssss..." but in walks Dan from the track meet.  Then about an hour after that Rudy's back from golf. 

Guess narration happened today.  But I did get a lot of fine tuning and editing done, so it wasn't a complete waste of a day.

We're all getting really excited for the launch of CraftEdu.  It's coming...soon...very soon!!!

Friday, April 09, 2010

Tejae, Vintaj and me...

Sweet!  The designers at Vintaj have put up two projects featuring one of my Flora Beads.  The bead used on the project to the left is  on page 12 in Tejae Floyde's new Polymer Artists Showcase book.  I was also very honored to have my Pink Scroll Flora Bead bracelets chosen as the cover image for the book.  And thanks to the gals at Art Bead Scene for the shout out too!

Another announcement:  I am thrilled to be a member of the faculty at Donna Kato's new on-line teaching venue along with a few hundred other amazing artist/teachers.  Sign up for notification of the beta launch, scheduled for a date in the very near future!  This is going to be big folks! :o)

For those of you who have asked, most of the beads and jewelry that are left from Santa Fe BeadFest are on my Clearance page.  I'll have lots of new work at the New Mexico Arts and Crafts Fair in June.

If you're interested in wholesaling my work or beads, please contact me at barbfajardo(at)   All you need to do is supply me with your resale info and I'll send you the password to the wholesale page.  I'm also on-line at (artist# 25840).

Happy Spring!!  May the warm sun be shining down on you in your neck of the woods...