Saturday, April 24, 2010

No peace and quiet on a Saturday...

Here I was getting ready to be productive this morning.  I have two classes ready for CraftEdu, but both or at least one needs narration.  I knew Rudy was out to play golf, Dan had a track meet to coach and Evan was supposed to be working at UNM.

Must check Facebook first :o)  Then after getting showered, gulping down coffee and readying myself for a not so pleasant task (who likes the sound of their own voice?) Evan pops in.  "They put me in a new building and my key doesn't work...I'm locked out!"....kay....about an hour later he leaves to go play basketball and I think "yesssss..." but in walks Dan from the track meet.  Then about an hour after that Rudy's back from golf. 

Guess narration happened today.  But I did get a lot of fine tuning and editing done, so it wasn't a complete waste of a day.

We're all getting really excited for the launch of CraftEdu.  It's coming...soon...very soon!!!

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