Friday, January 08, 2010

New Style - Watercolor Flora

So...last year my wholesale line did well, but I've never been very comfortable making the same thing over and over.  Even making different textures, using different colors of paints, trying different petal shapes and petal arrangements hasn't been very satisfying.  I should be figuring out how to make rings and brooches and narrowing down my 2010 line, taking pictures, making a catalog. And I have other deadlines that I need to meet, but yet again...I get sidetracked thinking of new bead designs.   

Anyhow, I like these beads and it felt good making them.  Being able to shape individual petals and not feeling so constricted with petal shape is more my style. I've been getting a little tired of brown acrylic paint and missing using black clay.  I like using clay bits for the centers of the flowers instead of embossing powder or coiled clay. 

For my next set I'll change up the layout...because like I said, I'm easily distracted...but I'm guessing you all can figure that out by now ;o)  I must have ADD for lots of you can relate.