Thursday, November 05, 2009

ACREs of Opportunity 2009

The business of wholesale is a completely different animal and one I'm glad that I leapt into. I was unsure if my work was marketable because I had submitted images for ACREs of Opportunity '07 (for the '08 show)and didn't make the cut. 

As I let the dates to apply for ACREs of Opportunity '08 (for the '09 show) tick by, a good friend (she knows who she is) urged me to enter, saying that she didn't want me to regret not trying again. I thought about it and really...what did I have to lose? I may not make it, but then again I might.  Life is a crap shoot and I wanted this, so I had to try again!  

I was thrilled that I made it and now after successfully taking orders at the paid IPCA booth that Pat Bolgar, Lauren Abrams and I shared last year, I can say that if it weren't for my caring and kind of pushy friend, I wouldn't have had this experience.

Having the previous year's ACRE 2008 winners serving as our mentors was incredible.  The insight and support from Sandra McCaw (one of the jurors this year), Meisha Barbee and Judy Belcher (past IPCA president who stepped in for Lindly Haunani) helped us to feel comfortable with decisions we made on everything from our product line, catalogs and price lists, to lighting and display.

IPCA members can submit until November 15 at  You still have 10 days (which include two whole weekends) to gather together 5 images of your best work.  

We'd love to see you in Las Vegas next June.  It really is an amazing time to take that leap.  I am now serving as your pushy friend...don't let it pass you by!