Friday, April 22, 2011

Rose from Escondido

Rose from Escondido purchased Swirl Lentils from me years ago and decided to look me up since she was visiting family here.  She sent a nice note that she had really enjoyed working with my beads and that she would like to take a class from me.  Rose is a very talented jewelry designer, but she felt that it was time that she created her own beads instead of purchasing them from another artist.  
We decided on a 4 hour class (which quickly turned into 6 and could have easily gone another 2) and then she told me that she had never worked with polymer before.  Uh oh...  But actually, I thought...this is perfect.  Just last week I got an email from a Bead Society that was interested in my class.  My first thought was, I wonder if someone with no experience with polymer would feel comfortable taking this class?  The world works in mysterious ways...

Turns out the answer is yes... I would even venture to say that a pasta machine is not even necessary.  Rose was my very first student for my new class and she helped me more than she knows.  I took notes as she took notes.  I found out some things that students will definitely want to know, things that I take for granted.  Rose was very happy with her class. She said she learned so much and that I was a patient teacher.  Yay :o) 

Midway, we took a break and chatted out back by my shady Purple Robe Locust Tree.
I made us some guacamole with blue corn chips, orange slices and graham crackers.  Pretty fancy huh?  

Thank you for a great day Rose from Escondido!

Happy Earth Day and Happy Easter to you all!