Sunday, December 21, 2008


Sometimes I feel like one. Lately, I end up with all kinds of surface treatments spread out around me, and most times I can't even remember what my original focus was going to be. Sometimes I get lucky and some great stuff happens...other times it's junk. Most of us only show our most beautiful stuff, but Elise Winters has started a page on Facebook to show some of her struggles as an artist. I think it's extremely generous for her to do this and an absolutely awesome idea. Keep checking back...she only just put up this page.

For now I'm going to show you some lovely petals I made yesterday...too bad they ended up in trash :o(


Lisa Clarke said...

Very pretty petals! What happened that they ended up in the trash?

Barb aka rubarb said...

Hi Lisa,

I totally overdid it with the inks and I think they leached the clay. when I tried to attach the petals to the base, the petals cracked, there were repairs, the repairs sucked. For the next ones, I'm texturing and curing first, then applying the inks. I started a few new ones today so I should have some to show soon.

Happy Holidays!

Kathi said...

oh man...that sucketh that they had to be trashed! But knowing you, the next ones will be even prettier!

Susan Turney said...

What Kathi said! They were gorgeous!