Monday, December 08, 2008

Every New Year I tell myself to get out there more...teach, write more articles, do more shows, enter more juried competitions and maybe to sell at on-line sites like Etsy rather than just from my own website. Etsy seems so glutted already...I mean sheesh, I would have to really be on top of my game to get seen there!

I'm thinking of trying out a new selling site for handcrafted items called If 10 of you sign up through me, I will get the $7/month premium account free for life! You can do the same thing too, so if you decide to sign up make sure that you invite 10 others to join so that you can get your free premium account too! As far as I can tell, there are no other fees associated with selling there. I'm fairly sure this offer ends at the end of December, so if you you'd like to try a new on-line selling venue, sign up with ArtFire and maybe we'll all get rich and famous ;o)

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