Thursday, February 02, 2006

capped lentils today (thursday)

Here are a few of the lentils that I've capped today...the greeny ones have that fine glitter, the purplies have variegated red foiled leaves, and I think the others have gold foil.

Look how the glass table gets all yucky from the plasticizer in the clay...lovely isn't it? Guess it's time to get the alcohol wipey thingies out.


Kathi said...

oooooooooooo pretties!!!

I really like the top ones Barb. Your swirlies are always the bestest in the westest yanno gf.

I believe I will start a filigree egg this weekend......*wink*

Barb Fajardo said...

So, you like the greenies? I better go back and look at the pic to see which uns you're talkin bout. I have no idea what to swap with you. That egg is going to be so much work, and I want to send you something worthy! Help me out here...

Kamoe said...

Thank you so much for your supporting words on my blog and that you tell me, what's your favorite. It's mine too. To say what is my favorite on your site....ALL!! Thank you again.

Lori said...

I love them all! How do you get them so glossy?

Barb Fajardo said...

I get them as smooth as possible before curing, usually hand sand with 600x, sometimes tumble sand with 400x and 600x. Then two coats of finish on the base bead, one coat of finish on the caps. I heat seal the finish in between coats. I think it makes for a really nice finish that lasts.

Anonymous said...

Hiya, Barb. It's Alice! I finally had a spare minute when I wasn't working or sleeping. (Um, or bidding on your e-Bay beauties!)

What kind of gloss do you use to finish?

Barb Fajardo said...

Hey Alice m'friend! Are you bidding again? Gosh, I'm gonna have to dig out some freebies for you!

I use future...I've never used anything but and I've always been happy.

Anonymous said...

No, no! No freebies! I'm happy to pay you for your artistry! I've never been so entranced with colors and patterns and motion! And you can count on it - as long as you are putting beads up for auction, and as long as I have a job, I'll be a-biddin'! I love your new e-Bay ones! yumyum!

I've never tried Future floor polish. But gosh the finish on yours is always so pretty and smooth and even. Never sticky or uneven. Do you dip or brush? I'm going to have to try it. Thanks fer the tip!

Barb Fajardo said...

I brush it on...make sure you have a really soft brush though. Another something that I do is after pouring some out into my gatorade bottle cap (*g*) I let the future sit for an hour or so to let it "thicken" just a little bit.

Anonymous said...

Barb, good tip about putting some gloss in a Gatorade cap! I like that. Also, I like the idea of letting it thicken a bit.

I can't beLIEVE I let the e-bay beads get away from me! I had the page up on my computer on Saturday morning, checking it every so often, because I was going to put up a huge bid just in case. Well, I took my dogs outside to go to the bathroom, and I figured, it's kind of pretty, I think I'll take them once around the apartment complex. So, I did that, and when I got back, I remembered with horror that the auction must have ended. I went to my computer and hit the refresh button, and the BIG RED E-BAY "X" came up.

Oh I was sickened! I LOVED that set! AAAaaa4rrrrhhhggghhghhhh!!! (I hope my dogs appreciate what I did for them. :)

Do you find it easier to keep up with your blog than regular e-mail? I was curious, because I was thinking of doing one too.

Barb Fajardo said...

Hey GF...I'm sorry you missed that auction. I do have more of the purple flower cane and the green leaf cane. Were those the "capped" ones that you bid on? Anyway, let me know...I'm getting away from capping for a while and starting up on the foils again. I ordered some holographic ones from Emma that are supposed to transfer easier.

I like the blog because others can read and contribute too...

Have a good Sunday Alice :o)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Barb! I guess a blog's not a good idea for me, because I can't seem to remember that it even exists. Frightening! Yes, it was the purple flower cane and green leaf cane with the gorgeous caps. If you do get around to making any more, will you e-mail me? I won't let another auction get away from me!

I'm excited to see some more foil beads!

I have another doctor's appointment today to see if they can find out why the heck I'm so sleepy. So I better get back to typing. Have a wonderful day, and a great week!


Barb Fajardo said...

What did the doc say Alice?

And if you would, keep reminding me about those purple and green beads will ya? Things tend to get away from me ;o)

Anonymous said...

Well, I got a prescription for Concerta. Previously I had been on Adderall PLUS Dexedrine, maximum doses of each together, and I could still sleep for 11 hours at night and take two two-hour naps during the day. So I guess I'll try this and hope for the best!

Okay, I'm going crazy trying to find Future Floor polish! I've looked at a regular Target, a Super Target, Lowe's, and two different grocery store chains, but all anyone seems to be interested in carrying for floors is Swiffer products. Where the heck do I find Future?

Aaaarrrrgghhhhhhh!!!!! :)

Oh, here's something neat. We have a new scrapbook/rubber stamp/clay store near where I live, and I showed the owner one of my mosaics (I made one that is a little tiny book cover, designed to be refillable, and all it takes is a little 89-cent memo book from Office Depot! I should take a picture for you...) and she asked me to teach a class! YIKES! Can you believe it?! I was very flattered, but quite honest at the same time. I'd LOVE to teach a class, but I need to make a couple more first and get the process downpat.

This gives me an incentive to get my digital camera in working order, so I can send a photo!

So, where the heck do I get Future Floor polish?

Barb Fajardo said...

ok you have been taking medication to keep you awake? Hmmm, what kind of doc are you seeing? Maybe you should have a sleep study. You've probably had lots of testing done already, but this sounds kind of worrisome!

The only place I've found Future is at Target...wonder why your's doesn't carry it? Maybe try a home improvement store?

Anonymous said...

I've actually done a sleep study. Sleep was normal, although I fell asleep in less than one minute, which I find quite remarkable. Apparently no one in the medical community shares that view.

Then I did a nap study the next day, where you take four 20-minute naps and they time how long it takes you to fall asleep and how long it takes you to go into REM sleep. Average time was 6.5 minutes to fall asleep, and I went into REM in two of the naps. However, they don't count that as unusual. What they count as unusual is if you go IMMEDIATELY into REM sleep. That's a symptom of narcolepsy.

So. I personally think it's a varient of narcolepsy, but I guess I'm the only one. Even though no doctor (five neurologists, two psychologists, one endocrinologist, two ophthalmologists, and three family practice doctors) can figure out why I'm so gosh-dern sleepy. I could have it a lot worse, I know, but sometimes it gets really tough. But hopefully Concerta will help. Cross your fingers for me!

I'll keep checking at the other Target stores around for Future. I may have to order it off the internet.

Well, have a great great Thursday! Oh, and I started reading the instruction manual for my new camera, so I'll hopefully be able to post a picture of my mosaic book soon. (Of course, soon is relative... ha ha! :)