Friday, February 17, 2006

kato clay first

I bought some kato clay a few weeks ago when it was on sale atHobby Lobby. I limited myself to three colors just to try it out...I ended up with brown, white and black. I love it for caning! The smell is difficult to get used to...the odor kind of knocked me over at first, made me a little squeamish to be honest. But after playing for a while, I forgot all about that...until I cured these pieces...then the smell hit me again. But I totally think it's worth it. I could pick up slices of canework and pull and tug to straighten up the lines. It hardly distorts at all in reduction and will definitely be my new kaleidoscope/tesselations clay! The brown and white make a nice terra cotta color...

One is a pillow bead and the other two are tiles so far...I let you know what they finally become. I'm thinking of adding CF style frames to them.

I was happy to finally get to some canework this week after missing my PCJ buddies in Tehachapi ;o)


Kathi said...

and a wonderful job you done did :)

btw....the smell will disappear after a while./..or mellow out if you open the package and let it air out.

yer PCJ buds were missing you too

Barb Fajardo said...

Oh yah, great idea...I should go sniff the packs I opened the other day and see how they are...thank you ma''re so kind and helpful :o)