Thursday, May 01, 2008

I've been tagged...again!

I guess I'll play since this is the second time I've been tagged, this time by Kathi. I'm not really such a grouch, just pressed for time these days... :o)

The rules:

1. Post the rules on your blog.
2. Name seven of your favorite blogs.
3. Place the name of the person and URL on your blog.
4. Write seven things about yourself.
5. Send an email letting those bloggers know they have been tagged.

Favorite Blogs:
  1. - Kim Cavender
  2. - Gera Scott Chandler
  3. - Tamara Shea
  4. - Iris Mishly
  5. - Heather Powers
  6. - Melanie Dilday
  7. - Tejae Floyde
Seven things about me:
  1. I have a weakness for white tops, sandals, purses, soaps and lotions
  2. The weirdest sandwich that I like is Peter Pan Peanut Butter, crisp lettuce and Miracle Whip.
  3. I hate waiting in line
  4. I'm a very light sleeper and an occasional insomniac
  5. I think I'm a fantastic driver but I'm directionally challenged
  6. I love "Funniest Home Videos" except when someone gets hurt!
  7. I met my husband Rudy when he was coach for our company softball team 25 years ago


Tejae said...

Barb, thanks for the tag! I haven't updated my blog in so long, folks probably think I dropped off the face of the husband and I moved and I've been busy unpacking. I'm finally getting around to slowly unpacking my studio...ooooo I can't wait to get finished. Your studio is quite the inspiration!! Hope all is well and I'll link back to you when I answer the questions. Take care!!

Gera Scott Chandler said...

Hi Barb- Thanks for tagging me! I've had two tags in two days- so the heat is on to find time for the reciprocal posts- speaking of time, I spent quality time scrolling through your blog and loved every second!


Kathi said...

thanks Ru, for playing along. I didn't realize you had been tagged before. I love checking out others fav blogs. You have a couple I hadn't found yet.

Kim Cavender said...

Hi Barb,
I appreciate you thinking of me and I LOVED reading all your secrets. Since I just played a few weeks ago, I don't think I have anything else to share.

Sorry it's been so long in getting back to you, I've been having some awful problems with AOL and it seems like I'm never online for more than an hour or so before it kicks me off. It's not allowing emails through either. What a pain!

I was away on retreat all last week with no computer and I'm still trying to play catch up.

Emmy looks so beautiful. I hope she's feeling better now. Hugs to you both!