Thursday, May 22, 2008

A bead shape revisited...

I was finally able to get past my flower bead obsession which I've had for the past year. I'm not sure what got me to want to make this shape bead again, but I'm guessing it was seeing the gorgeous "Shibori" beads that polymer clay artist Judy Dunn makes. First I saw them on Flickr and they made quite an impression on me...then after being able to see them in person at the ACRE show in Las Vegas last month, well that was the kicker I guess.

Initially I think I was attracted to the blending of colors and how each bead was so unique and beautiful. Then realizing that the beads were even sort of abstract (not all the exact size and shape), well that made making some much more appealing.

So, anyhow here are the first ones. Mine are slightly flattened and the finish is what I call "bisque" which is basically smoothing with cornstarch. As I continue on with the "torpedo" shape, I can see where straightening out one side of each bead, making sort of a crescent shape, then matching up beads side by side, a tessellating design emerge. I'll show you those after the Memorial Day Weekend.

Perfect timing to see what Judy's Crane Project is all about. Thanks so much to Judy for helping me get out of the rut I've been in! :o)

Have a good one!

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Judy said...

Nice job, Barb! And thanks for all the kind words about my work. I really enjoyed meeting you in Las Vegas!