Monday, May 05, 2008

Polymer category on

While looking at Jael's beautiful beads on Flickr, I was lead to her blog and then to her bead gallery on which is an on-line art community. The lovely work of Eugena Topina is there too.

When I put up an image there some months ago, there was no polymer category and now there is. It looks like a great place to show your work, so get crackin'! :o)


Jael said...

Barb - thanks for mentioning me in your blog :)

I wish to take credit for the addition of the polymer clay category. Really! I bugged the owner of the site mercilessly until he finally expanded the categories to include a polymer clay (and clay, and fiber, etc) category.

I told him that my beads were tired of being classified as "uncategorized" and deserved the respect of an appropriate category!! (we are NOT second class citizens!!)


Barb aka rubarb said...

You're the bomb Jael :o)