Friday, May 09, 2008

Emmie's birthday present?

Emmie girl is one year old this week and I'm taking her to get spayed in the AM. Poor baby...but at least for a treat we put bacon grease all over her "Beneful" doggie food today :o)


Melanie said...

awweeeeee...Happy Birthday Miss Emmie!!...we used to have bassets..they are a wonderful breed!...we are now owened by 2 Basenji's..Melanie:)

Kathi said...

Oh Ru.....she has grown into a beautiful young woman. Look at those eyes and ears. She has the "Basset melt" going on big time. Those eyes are so much like my Peanuts were. Yom Haletezt sammeach Miss Emmie.

Sandi Lee James said...

I simply cannot believe that a year has gone by. What a beauty she is. Please give her a birthday snorgle from Aunt Sandi.