Wednesday, April 05, 2006

...I am pretty bad aren't I?

okay, okay....i know...i'm such a bad blogger, that I even temporarily forgot my password and sign-in...dang...wull, ya'll know how time flies!

Let's see...last week the kids and DH were on Spring Break. I love my guys, but do you think I got any clay stuff done at all?? heck no, I didn''m catching up a bit. Also DH took the laptop back to school, so now the 4 of us are back again to sharing 2 computers...sheesh...

I decided to do "Fiestas de Albuquerque" which is part of a big to-do celebrating the city's 300th BD. The artisan market is at a park down the street from me that is across from Old Town and the museums. Here is a link showing some of the events going on that weekend (April 22 and 23) I think I might have mentioned it in an earlier entry.

Here is another link that takes you to a different page...

I'm a little nervous about it because now I have to have lots of stuff made and a display table to worry about. I've already decided that it will be a pretty simple set-up as I don't have the energy to obsess about it too much. Mainly, I want to get my work seen and hand out some if I make back the $100 entry fee, I'll be okay. I refuse to price anything too low, so we'll see what happens. And then of course, there will be the weather to worry about as well, as it's an outdoor event. Heh, sometimes I worry too much.

Also, I've submitted images of a few different juried competions, which I'll be happy to tell you about if I win ;o)

/////waves to Kathi and Fae!!!! See, you thought I wasn't reading anything didn't cha? Talk to you soon, peoples :o)


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Kathi said...

heh...wonder if I can talk the wife into breaking in the trailer with a trip to I'llbequeerkie. I would love to visit the artisans faire and surprise ya. *g*