Saturday, March 15, 2008

Timely Topic

I wanted to go back and see how I felt about this issue last year...still the same. Cynthia Tinapple gave me a plug about my "rules" here.

Something else to be aware of...this statement is on the NPCG's website:

"We respect the right of our fellow artists to profit from their creative work and teachings. Polymer clay artists value originality and expertise and respect the unique work of other artists and teachers. When learning a new technique from another artist or teacher, polymer clay artists endeavor to integrate and transform the technique into their personal style, while providing full attribution to the original artist. "

I think we need to bring up the topic again and again, no matter how complex...because it opens our eyes to all sides of the issue and makes us think., which is always a good thing.


Leucantha` said...

I enjoyed my visit here. In fact I already bookmarked your page in my reader. I think I came by way of a comment on Kim Cavender's site. I really like your florals. I live a bit south of you and wondered if you are active in the Albuquerque Clay Guild.

Barb aka rubarb said...

Hi Leucantha,

I'm not too active in the guild here. I do see the members occasionally at shows, but I guess I'm just too busy doing my own thing. They are a nice bunch of ladies though...

Thank you for the compliments!