Thursday, March 06, 2008

Best Bead Show in Tucson

Well, looks like I'm going back to Tucson! I was at To Bead True Blue 2 years ago, but didn't make it back last year. The expense was really too much to justify the trip. When I was there, I attended the Best Bead Show among others. I was totally impressed with the show...great parking, wonderful art, friendly vendors and lots of customers. I put my name on the waiting list thinking it would probably be a loooong time before there was an opening.

I received an email from Lewis Wilson an accomplished lampworker (who has been running the show for the past 13 years and is based out of Albuq.) and was told that there just happened to be a couple of spots for next year's February show. You have never seen anyone bolt out of her 'puter chair faster! I grabbed the phone and was happy to hear Lewis' voice after just two rings! What a nice informative and patient with me as I questioned him about which spot would be right for me. So, long story kind of short...I ended up in a smaller room which has great light, wonderful atmosphere among the other vendors (like family is what Wilson said). Grant Diffendaffer just happens to be in that room as well :o)

Hope you can make it...I know it's a long way off, but I was so excited...I just had to spill it!


Kathi said...

WTG RU!! I am doing the happy dance for you right now!! I may have to drive over next year to see if you need a restroom break :)

Mel said...

What great good news Barb. Sounds like the perfect niche for you...with people like Grant there and good people running it...enriching the soul as well as the bank account! Bet you're gonna be busy in the clay room now you have something like this to motivate you!

pollyhyper said...

Great news - congrats!

Oh, and by the way...

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Barb aka rubarb said...

Thanks goils!

And sorry pollyhyper, I'm not into those on-line personality quizzes...nothing personal :o)