Friday, March 28, 2008

A few more...

I'm still experimenting with different colors of powders and paints. One thing I have noticed is that so far, I like a black base for these waaaay better than any other color I've tried so far (turquoise, gold and copper).


Anonymous said...

They are just sooooo cool! Although I have some of those powders, I've never tried them. I'm sure I wouldn't get results anywhere near as beautiful, though! So fun to see each new set!
Susan T

Tina T. said...

I have been looking at your flowers - the new ones here and on flicker and I couldn't help but notice a settle change in their appearance... there is not texture!!! Just the texture of the 'cracking', but not stamped texture in them at all... nice and smooth.... isn't it funny how you can see something, but not actually really see it for what it really is.... of course they are both beautiful, and with the texture or without, they are jaw dropping gorgeous!