Sunday, August 12, 2007

Finally back at the clay table

I spent most of the past week cleaning (sort of), organizing (again, kinda) and making blends (lots of them, but I still need more).

As soon as I clean the table off, it becomes a major mess with only about a 12 inch space to work in. That's what I do, I crowd my area with too much and then it's nearly impossible to get any work actually finished. I was going for a bigger piece but ended up playing it safe with these few floral pendants, although they're a bit bigger than the earlier ones. I think they look like crazy southwestern orchids or something.


Tina T. said...

These are absolutely beautiful! Here I thought that most of your flowers were painted.... I had no idea that you used cane work in them! WOW! They really are stunning, can not wait to see them finished!

Libby said...

I think it's a natural tendancy of polymer artists to always end up working in a small space hemmed in by tools and bits of clay. I know it happens to me al the time and I've heard lots of other people observe the same thing.

The new floral pendants are very cool. Very exotic!

Susan T said...

Hey, Barb! I'm so glad to see new pieces and they're beautiful as always! I love them. I keep thinking if I get more storage I'll have a larger work that's my new plan. I want a huge IKEA cabinet, or something like that, so there's nothing except my little oven on my table. We'll see how that works!