Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Beginnings of a cross...

I love churches and crosses...and no, I'm not religious...I'm spiritual *g*

At the NM Arts and Crafts Fair, the artist next to me (Dee Sanchez who does incredible floral and scenic paintings; I spoke about her in an earlier blog entry) told me how much she likes crosses. She says artists who make them out of anything (tin, wood, ceramic) always seem to sell out. And, I want one of her paintings, so I'm hoping we can do a trade. This is the beginnings of my first cross...which will be small.

Oh, and Tejae...the texture yesterday is from a basket :o)


Welcome to Tejae's Art. said...

I think you need to show us how you did that. (wink,wink) it's sooo cool. :)

Barb aka rubarb said...

Wellll...I start by applying little bits that I shape with my fingers to my glass workspace. That's how I get it all to stick. I've always liked that floral shape on the ends...I forget what you call it...some kind of hispanic or mexican name.

Anyhow, that's what got me started. Then I just began building from the center out. The little balls kind of cover any areas where I have a gap. I picked up those first five pieces with my blade and set them on an index card to kind of move them around to get the shape I liked. Then back to the glass to add more stuff. The little leaf vein texture was put on at the very end.

Does that help? Anything for you Tejae :o)

And thank you!