Friday, August 24, 2007

Sigh of Relief...

I made canes...thought about colors...nearly drove myself crazy. Then after working with rubbing texture to see what kind of effects I could create, I was "oh so happy" when I saw these cool drag lines on the middle floral bead. The big one in the center of the blue/black ones. See them? Anyhow, so I went merrily along...cured these and set out to make more using that same texture and making more drag lines.

Bing! Grabbed them out of the oven and was unhappy with the shiny surface...I forgot that straight Kato can make stuff very shiny. So, then I was sad again for a day, worrying about ways to get rid of the shine. I think someone along the way (Jana probably) told me to bake them in cornstarch to avoid the shine. But that just sounded like a big mess.

So, to make a long story as short as possible, instead of I do...I worry a lot my kids tell me (*g*)...I decided to us the shine to my advantage. Which worked out soooo much better. Sparkle is supposed to be "in" anyway this fall and what better way to sparkle and shine but with perfect pearls and texture? And I can use virtually any cane that happens to be sitting on the clay table. Happy worries... :o)


Mel said...

Ha! 'No worries' is a great saying isn't it! We aussies say that a lot! I love the shine Barb, really. And those new blue/black ones with all that texture and 'drag' are delightful. Love how you keep experiemnting away like the 'mad clayer' you are!


Susan T said...

They really are just stunning! So unique! And the colors you're using are luscious!!!!