Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Spanish Market in Santa Fe

Rudy and I went to Santa Fe to see Spanish Market. We hadn't been in years...I'm pretty sure it is was one of our first dates together around 20 years ago. The highlight was seeing the Miraculous Staircase.

The whole show was beautiful except for an excruciating cramp that had me on the curb in agony for 15 minutes. Rudy rubbed my foot and calf as passers-by joked if they could be next...! It was painful, funny and embarrassing. But still a fun day :o) There are more pictures on my flickr site.


Kathi said...

wow looks like lots of folks! that stair case is amazing. I would love to see it up close.

Amy Crawley said...

Hi Barb,

We're visiting Santa Fe in September. We'll have to stop by the Loretto Chapel to check out the staircase. It looks amazing.