Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Sanding paint off...

Doing this has passed my mind more than once. Finally yesterday as I was sanding and buffing a few lentils, I noticed a some lonely beads sitting there. These had been antiqued about 6 months ago. Here are what they look like with the surface slightly sanded with 1000x and then buffed. I love the look! Thought we should look at some of the same beads (in necklaces) without sanding and buffing the surface paint off. I'm looking forward to trying this with different colors of base clay and different colors of paint.

Since taking Donna's workshop and getting her book, I've purchased a heat gun, some petal point ink pads and Liquid Polyclay. I want to try some different things with the floral beads.

Oh, and this post is for Susan...who thinks I'm totally ignoring my clay ;o)


Kathi said...

love love love the partially sanded ones gf. I swear your tones are becoming my favorite colors!

btw....Susan wasn't the only one who thought you had tossed the clay for the puppy!!

tejae said...

beautiful. that is one fine pup! :) what a cutie...but the beads are really nice too. :)

Susan Turney said...

Yayyyyy!!!!!! What a fun surprise to check your blog and see these! I love them all but really like the sanded and buffed beads. They almost look like ivory or something similar. They kinda have that "what are these"? thing going. I love the colors of the beads, too.
My world has changed since getting DK's book. I'm having so much fun trying so many new (to me) things. I've done the heat gun thing on several pieces but I think I hold it there too long because I've gotten some bubbling so have to practice that but it's amazing how clear the Kato liquid is....even without the gun. Now I have to try the stamp pads.
I can't wait to see what you come up with next, armed with your new toys!!!!

Jeanne Rhea said...

Love these beads! My favorite so far!

Barbara Forbes-Lyons said...

Love those! They look like something you'd unearth in an ancient burial mound.