Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Another realization

So, doing my daily deep-thinking in the shower again... ;o)

I have realized that I can obsess about planning for a show. I make lists...lots of 'em. Matter of fact, I probably have 3 or 4 in my purse at this very moment and I have a new one started on the dining room table.

...but, if I forget something or don't have everything figured out down to the last iota...I just don't seem to care as much as I used to. Life is more fun if it's spontaneous when it can be, right? I think I'm just getting in touch more and more every day with the creative me. Life is just more exciting if you just "let it happen and go with the flow..."



Kathi said...

one thing I learned after my back surgury and the healing/recovery adventure is....don't sweat the smal stuff and as longas I wake up breathing....pretty much everything else is "the small stuff".

Like is too short to stress about the lists, the have to do's and so on. things happen, we move forward. I say stop and smell the sunshine yanno?

Ponsawan said...

I just had my first arts show 3 weeks ago. I would like to share something with you. First, I ran out off my business card half way through the show. Second, I ran out of pen because people signed the credit card slip and took the pens with them. Third, I ran out of $1 bill. Other than that just have fun. Hope you have a good show.

Kathi said...

Hey did your show go?

Barb aka rubarb said...

eh...not so bad I guess. But, could've been better. Don't think I'll do it again next year.