Monday, September 25, 2006

5 more days to prepare...

I think I have everything pretty well under control for the show this weekend. I have quite a few pairs of earrings and focal beads. I have a few bracelets too. Rudy is getting the tables for me from work...still need some fabric. I'm thinking a burgundy satin...I saw some at Hobby Lobby that I liked. Also iron-work is on sale there this week too, so I'm going to look for something neat to display some earrings on. I also have some pretty purply sparkley pieces of fabric that I want to use too. I have the canopy which I'll go and set up on Friday. I'm a little stressed about the weather...worried about rain and wind. I'll take some pics at the show for sure.

A few notes about my dad. His catheter is out, after having to wear it for 5 months. He's feeling pretty darn good about that. He still has some pain in his back...they found a tumor on his spine, so that's why he feels the pain. But, he's not taking as much pain medication as he was. He's enjoying the football season...his favorite time of year. I think I can say, all in all that the prostate cancer and the tumor they found on his spine have not slowed him down much at all. I'm very thankful that he's relatively happy and not depressed or down about his condition.

Evan is playing in his first varsity golf tournament today :o) I may go out and walk 9 holes with him...just waiting for him to call me with his tee time. All is well...

Here is a pic of a necklace that one of my favorite buyers made with some beads of mine. Isn't it beyootiful?

Wishing you all a great week,

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Kathi said...

thats a prtty design she did with your stuffs.