Monday, October 02, 2006

Here I is... :o)

Son Dan was hamming it up on Saturday morning...and here I am Sunday afternoon. The show wasn't spectacular, but I met some neat people and my booth was between two really cool ladies. I'll include a few other pictures as I changed the booth set-up and used bamboo blinds from my porch and put the table inside. When the sun hit some of the pendants on Saturday, I overheard a woman say "this thing would burn a hole in my chest!" That's when I had the table facing south. It was about 85 degrees...crazy hot!


Kathi said...

ewww crazy hot not good. However, you look good in the pictures,,,,I mean the set up looked good :)

Krista Sexon said...

Wow that looks great barb, Krista x

Silastones said...

I had done craft shows for many years and more and more people are making and sell jewelry these days. I was lucky to get into my first Arts Show and, boy, I almost sold out. It is difficult to get into the Art Show but it worth a try. You beads are so pretty and special, you can easily get in.