Wednesday, May 31, 2006

oh happy day...last friday when we finished sweating like piggies

Since Saturday we feel like we're on vacation. I'd say we spent a solid 4 days working on the backyard. Hard to believe we can actually invite people over this summer :o)

Here is the before shot again...gawd, what a mess we had!


Kathi said...

very nice my friend :) I know what a pain in the back yard work can be. I am good for about 15 minutes in the heat, then I flop in the pool to cool off. makes for interesting yard work time here =)

Barb aka rubarb said...

Thanks Kath...didja read the part about having people over this summer? We don't have a pool, but I can spray ya with the hose ;o)

Kathi said...

yeah I did :) I can't wait to get to speak. I am hoping my cafepress store will take off...I used one of my paintings for the graphic this time. Gotta build the bank up :D