Sunday, May 28, 2006

Graduation Day for Danny

Here are few pics from Saturday...was a beautiful day :o) There is one pic of Danny and his carpool buddy since 6th grade when they both started at the Academy...notice anything unusual in that picture? *g*


Kathi said...

He looks like a happy young man Barb...and the family picture shohws a very happy family. As for those two goofballs....sheesh do they think they can fool us by swapping diploma's? Last time I checked your son did NOT have red hair >g< Congratulations to him....and you for having one through.....only one left to go :)

Fae said...

Oh! I love the group photo. And yeah, I saw the switched diplomas right away. lol... Congrats to Dan the Man. :)

What are his plans now?