Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Desert Designs by Barbara: "finger filigree?"

Here is a link to the finished piece:


Fae said...

I don't know if "finger filigree" is really right. (btw, told you in the comments in the last post how wonderful this piece is! love it!)

The technique needs a more organic or natural sounding name. hmm... flora and fauna... Flora Filigree? Or something that reminds a person of the earth and nature. :) IMO

Barb aka rubarb said...

You are so right...I knew I didn't like "finger filigree..."

I think I've used an extruder maybe once, I hate em...using my fingers is sooo much easier. But yep, I agree. I think visually finger filigree sounds kind of yucky *g*

Kathi said...

it is perfect my friend :) I love it and the name