Friday, February 15, 2008

Well, this is just too cool...

Susan Lomuto of Polymer Clay Notes has a sister site Indie Studio Supplies. Maybe you don't "know" Susan or visit her blog...but lots of us do. She's great a giving daily doses (many times a day actually!) of inspiration from cool art, cool photos, cool tips, cool everything.

I don't know if her new sister site is actually new or not, but I stumbled on it today, and boy am I happy that I did. What she does is, gives us links to where she buys a lot of her favorite findings, books, beads, etc. and all from indie suppliers. Susan says "It's like having your own personal shopper for your studio!" She changes it up every month and showcases different suppliers...I totally love it :o)

And as Judy Dunn suggested a few days American art and craft with your tax rebate. Great idea, no?

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