Thursday, April 12, 2007

Added to my list...and new beads :o)

I've added a 7th rule to my list:

7. If you publish a tutorial, be as sure as you can that no one else has published the same or nearly the same tutorial first. You don't want to be accused of riding other's coattails.

A lesson that I learned from Sarah Shriver...never judge your work until you are done with the piece. When I took a workshop with her (the only one I've ever taken, btw), I was only in the first steps of making my intricate Kaleidoscope cane. I hated how it looked and whined to Sarah. She said something like, "I think it will look cool, just keep going..."

At the end I loved how the cane turned out. I was reminded of her when I finished these. Everyone that has seen them so far seems to like them the best of the new flora beads...


Kathi said...


DiAnne said...

Wow Barb - these are spectacular! I love all the texture you have created on these. And the gold touches are just right. Positively yummy beads. You go girl!


Barb aka rubarb said...

Thank you so much DiAnne...I'm having fun with them.

huh Kathi?

Pam said...


Your work is always spectacular. You never fail to surprise me with your talent or the quality crafts(wo)manship you exhibit.

Your pieces are such beautiful artistry. They are tactile, visual poetry.



Anonymous said...

Hi Barbara i absolutely love your floral beads. Do you have any books or videos out ? i live in nyc and have not seen ny on your teaching schedule thank you chanelle

Barb aka rubarb said...

Thank you Pam...again, you just make me blush and grin from ear to ear!!

Barb aka rubarb said...

Hi Chanelle,

I admit I really don't teach although I am listed in the teacher's section at PCC. If there ever is enough interest someday, I would love to do a video or book, but for now I'm just too immersed in my work. I do occasional articles in different magazines. If I get the time, the next one would probably be for Step by Step beads. Thank you so much for the compliments though, it is much appreciated!

Kathi said...

it was for folks thinking you are riding on coat tails. sorry hon. life bytch slapped me and I forgot to come back