Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Dragon and How Inspiration Evolves

Many moons ago, Christi Friesen came out with her first book "Dragons" (Christi's link on her site didn't work) and I was asked to review it for the IPCA (then the NPCG).

Generally, I do not take classes or do projects from books, but since I was reviewing it, I had to make my own dragon.  Christi first inspired me to use bits of clay and she knows that, I've told her and thanked her. Christi used brown acrylic paint to enhance the texture.  I also reviewed a DVD of Dayle's Doroshow's about that same time and she also showed how she used acrylic paint to age or antique certain pieces.

In the coming days, look for a few more posts which will show how I used applique and antiquing in my own work.   I will also share how a recent visit with some polymer friends staying in Santa Fe,  pushed me to create my most recent designs.  I showed up with supplies and ready to clay, but had no idea what would happen :-)  Love that...


MamaDu said...

Loved the dragon! But these little applique beads with the antique finish are so simple and so pretty!

barbfajardo said...

Thank you so much MamaDu!