Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Fast Forward a Few Years

I attended a retreat a few years ago and to participate in a swap we all made 25 slides.  I had been busy making my Flora Beads and variations of those, so trying to come up with an idea was challenging.  A while back, one of our member artists at Yucca Art Gallery was using bamboo tiles to make resin tile bracelets.  I bought a bunch of the tiles from her in different colors and sizes.  I remembered that I had them and decided to make something for the swap.  

Some months later, I wanted to experiment more with appliqued tiles.  I made the above black and ecru earrings that had the same design, but reversed.  Cynthia liked them so much she featured them on Polymer Clay Daily and in her new book Polymer Clay, Global Perspectives.  Cynthia is now in possession of these it should be :-)  

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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