Monday, May 17, 2010

Hand dyed silk ribbons

I'm starting to experiment with "Layered Flora" beads.  I bought these gorgeous silk ribbons from the gals at at Bead Fest Santa Fe a few months ago.  The centers will most likely be different from what is shown on these...I've even toyed with the idea of embedded turquoise cabs for the centers, but then I would have to up the price and now might not be the time to do that.

I love that you can tie these on any number of ways...and almost anywhere...neck, wrist, hair...I so love it!

Many of you know that I struggle with jewelry designing so I hope these go over well with my customers this summer at the ACRE show and at the New Mexico Arts and Crafts Fair.

Here is one of my new banners for this year so if you see it hanging in a booth somewhere, you've found me!


Peg Gerard said...

These are great, Barb. I love them.


Susan Turney said...

Beautiful, Barb. Hey, I'll be driving through ABQ on Thurs....I'll wave. I bought a house in Las Vegas and am moving this week! So next time there's a clay thing in town, let me know and I'll come meet you!!!

marykerran said...

I have bought from Barbara before and her work is grand!

Lynn said...

I love your flowers but the ribbon is gorgeous, they go perfect together.

Oline Loose Diamonds said...

I love the hand dyed scarf, it is beautiful.