Monday, February 23, 2009

Intro to Flora Beads on-line class prep

I'm gearing up for my first on-line class which will take place on March 21st at called Introduction to Textured Flora Beads. I know a lot of you have seen my workspace before and how unbelievably chaotic it usually looks, but I couldn't resist taking a picture or two...


Kim Cavender said...

Best of luck, Barb! I know they'll love your class!

Anonymous said...

Good luck Ru. I know the class will rock! as for you work space...I love how everything is right up front and you have like a 2" by 6" space to do your pretties in :)

Anonymous said...

I've seen a lot of PC hearts and I love yours!

Jean in Holland

Christi Friesen is also starting an on line class. Here's what she says if you know anyone who might want to take it:

FuzzBunn online class starts tomorrow but of course you can join anytime for the next month. If you haven't already tried an online class, this might be the one to see how you like it. It's an "economic stimulus" class - only $10! Short and sweet, the project is available to you to download when you signup for the class and are admitted to the private chat room. I check in daily and offer any help needed, and we all chat, share and post as often or as seldom as you each want - it's informal and fun. This class also requires very little supplies. I've posted a picture of the project here, and this is the direct link for more info and to sign up if you wanna. Site is

for more of my online classes, visit my site. here's that link:
see ya online!