Sunday, April 20, 2008

Russian beading forum

This morning I was checking my site stats and saw that I was getting hits from this Russian site. Someone did an article on me, and although the translated version doesn't always make sense, the way I read it, it sort of sounded like poetry. I just loved the pictures that they picked out, all some of my best work. Thought you might want to take a look. I am very flattered and appreciative :o)


Kathi said...

wow! Mazel Tov on your poetic introduction to the Russian Clayers. You are so right, it does read like poetry. hugs

Miss Touchatou said...

Waouh,your works it's beautiful,it's very very nice,i dream,i love it very very much,it's fabulous,sorry for my english,i'm french but i can tell you are the best for me!!!!

Margo said...

Hello, Barbara!
I like your work and I read your blog whis pleasure!
I just registered on the site on which you write!
It was a good surprise for me, to look your work there.
More and more people in Russia want to learn to make beautiful things from the polymer clay! They fined polymer clay masters and designers like you in oder to see beautiful works and get experience!
Unfortunately it's a problem for Russia to buy the clay, tools and molds...
But it so great that people from diffrent countries can talk and make friends with each other!

Guzelia said...

А я сама из России! Обожаю Ваши работы и не только я! Очень многие знают и любят ваш блог, ходят любоваться)))
С нетерпением жду новых работ!


Cindy Lietz said...

Isn't this internet amazing! Just imagine 20 years ago there was no way you would be able share information and photos with another artist in Russia. Now the whole world (mostly) is an open place to learn, explore share and be inspired by other artists. What an exciting time we live in!

Nadou said...

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