Saturday, May 05, 2007

ugh...not feeling well today...

My son brought home some kind of germ(s) from a friend's house last week. He got a little sick (sore throat, cough and stuffy head) and several of the other boys that were there came down with something too. Funny, just the other day I was thinking..."dang, I haven't been sick in ages..." and then...bam. :o(

Just finished some chicken soup...I hope it helps because I'm not getting a darn thing done today.

Finished these up on Friday night. Keeping myself away from the gold pen was not an easy thing. I wanted these to look natural and antiqued, but I'm afraid they look a little dark. My next thought is to make coordinating beads in maybe faded greens or blues and combine them artfully with these (in necklaces for the show in June).


Kathi said...

wow, these remind me of the stone pillars in the desert down there. Very earthy and natural. I don't think they are too dark so if you cant stand the sight of them....well I will take them out of view for you :)

Hope you are feeling better. Chicken soup works...homemade even better. Do I need to come give you n Rudy some TLC?

marie christine said...

I love all what you create :this new work with relief beads (flowers) as well as your old work (2005 2006, playing with sinner blends in kaléidoscope canes.
That's why I already put your site in my links. Please, tell me if you disagree.