Wednesday, March 22, 2006

No Dear Kathi...I haven't fallen off...yet... ;o)

So, my friend Kathi is wondering what has happened to me.'s like this...basically, I need moola, yep, that's it...deniro.

I posted about 10,000 things on my site and have to add paypal buttons tomorrow. I want to be able to send out my mass emailing on Friday. I've tried to make everything really affordable, so I hope to move a lot of it.

Then...I'm trying to get some unique things together to submit to a few juried competitions...and that ain't an easy thing. Gotsta take pics, send paperwork, fees, etc. all are due within the next week or so.

And last, but not least...I had put together another article for Bead and Button on tesselation tiles or kaleidoscope tiles...whatever ya wanna call em. The whole thing has to be done over because no fingers can be showing on the pics and all must be done on a white background. So my article got pushed out to the December issue instead of the August issue :o(

So, my dear friend Kathi...thanks for checking up on me. I haven't fallen off yet, but I'm hanging on for dear life ;o)


Kathi said...

*smooch* I am happy. I miss the barb fly bys yanno. SOunds like you are one busy mamacita though. I know where ya are on the $$ thing. I pretty much decided I *AM* going on that clay cruise next eyar so opened and Etsy store yesterday. Got three things up and today will be spent taking pictures and getting more things listed.

I also have 3 eggs to sand and buff, one is a custom order and needs to be done before Saturday. The other two are Sea Dragon Eggs and need to ahve their nests/stands made for them.

Then somewhere in today I ahve to practice my Hebrew for class tonight so I don't fall flat on my face reading.

I tell can't get busier? *g*


Fae said...

Hey Barb! I actually DID fall off the face of the earth. I swear I thought it was Monday today...

And I don't know anyone who isn't in financial woe right now. It seems just as it looks like we will get ahead again, there comes something falling out of the sky that we have to pay big bucks on. The latest being the $2K+ transmission fix for our older car. The car isn't even worth that! But hopefully that fix made it good for another 5 years or so, until we can afford a new one. (like I'm so sure we can afford one THEN! LOL)

Hugs! :)

Barb aka rubarb said...

Hey Fae! Yep...looks like DH's Charter School may close. He's talkin part time job for me...doesn't he know I have a full-time job creating my little brains out? *g* Unfortunately, it is slow for things like beads and jewelry I think. I may be getting a couple of clay teaching gigs nailed down soon though.

Hope all is well with you and the it running okay now? Man that's a bummer gf...let us know.

I'm still deciding on your bead you know :o)