Thursday, March 09, 2006

Kato translucent and foils

So this week I got Emma's foils in the mail...the first mailing that is...that took almost a month to get here. Sweetie that she is, she sent me another batch which will be here in...oh, probably another month ;o)

Anyway, these are not made with Emma's foils. I need to work with them a little more to figure out how to get the holographic effect to show better in swirls. In the first ones I tried, the foils look just sort of silvery.

these are made with Kato trans, which I think has almost a watery look when sanded with 600x and buffed. They feel a little bit smoother than premo. One thing I do know for sure...kato scrap does not swirl well...but it does do really well for other bead shapes as it keeps it's shape really well.

Oh, and one last thing...Pat, you will get a focal with foil, but maybe not Emma's...that's okay I hope? And i also owe a bead to Miss Jana, who sent me some awesome earrings (which I will post a pic of too) Umm and dear Fae...I have not forgotten you. I'm holding on to a bunch of those tesselation pieces to see if one or two might make it into SJ's book. After I find out, I can decide what I will send you... :o)


Kathi said...

oooo Barb.,...the one in the bottom right is to freeking die for. That one gob smacked me it did. Looks like the Kato trans and you like each other.

AHA!!! Jana finally got them to you eh> been driving me crazy keeping secrets >g< me bad

Barb aka rubarb said...

Why thanky ma'am...but why can't i do anything without purple or turquoise...oh well, watcha gonna do? ;o)

And how did I know that you knew about those earrings *g*

They are truly beautiful...i love em...

Kathi said...

Hey....use purple and turq forever...those colors work for me :)

Um...I *did* you know I knew and where is the picture...I haven't seen them :)

c h e l said...

What foils did you use with these? (not that I'll ever figure out how to properly use any backed foils, but I thought i would ask since I love the color!!)

Barb aka rubarb said...

Hi Chel...I used some foils that I got from :o)