Monday, October 03, 2011

Concho Beads, Snowflakes, Whitewashed Tin...or what?

These really remind me of the type of pieces that are used in sterling silver Native American concho belts.  I find it interesting that I'm subconsciously influenced by designs and colors that I've grown up with living here in the Southwest for 40+ years (shhh...don't tell).  Or it could be that I'm just looking for these styles in my work because I like them so much.  Either way...I'm going to continue experimenting with my textures on butterfly shapes and ovals too... and hey, maybe I'll even make a belt.

By the way, please visit Artybecca's blog (aka Rebecca Watkins) and Flickr site.  I recently shared a work table with her and was very impressed at her creativity.   That woman is a bead maker extraordinaire!


Roberta said...

Oh yes, these could very well be a wonderful concho. Be sure and post it when you make it.

Andra said...

Please do, I look forward in seeing it as well.