Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dream Interpretation and new bracelets

I always have trouble coming up with a blog post, which is doubly hard for me because I'm a terrible typist.

But, I have been on a bracelet making binge and I had a weird dream last night.  I'm hoping if I tell you about the dream, it will help me figure out if there is a connection between the two.  LOL, just for fun you know...

So, to make a long dream short...

I'm with some old friends (think 20's when we used to party every weekend, no clay friends)...they had rented this enormous house in a gated community that was at the very top of a winding trail of ups and downs, steps and ramps. It took quite a while to get there...going along narrow ledges and crumbling steps.  I feel like I'm in Spain.

We finally get to the fabulous house which is like a long southwestern ranch spread, one story with lots of space.  Some people are relaxing in about 6 claw footed bathtubs (weirdest part for sure) on different levels of a sunroom with lots of hanging ferns.  There is sumptuous ochre leather furniture, a roaring fire (although it is summer outside) and a Spanish tiled kitchen.

So, I walk through the house putting my purse in one of the back rooms.  I'm kind of disgusted because the house is a mess...not with trash, but just junk everywhere.  A house this beautiful should be kept nicer.

When we leave, neighbors are partying in swimming pools and on decks at some of the houses we pass on the way down.  Again, we are winding up and down steps, and around winding curves.  About half way down we stop to chat with people.

Then I remember that I left my purse, go back by myself and wonder if I can even find the house again. None of the houses looks familiar so I circle around, go back, take different turns like I'm in a maze.  Finally, I end up at a dead end and then I wake up!

Strange, huh.  It really was a pretty and colorful dream though!

Oh, here's the bracelets ;o)


Mousefingers said...

Strange dream, magnificent bracelets! -Hugs Mousefingers

Jeanette said...

A"MAZE"ing! Crazy dream .. beautiful bracelets.

Anonymous said...
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