Sunday, July 19, 2009

Petal Perfection ;o)

I'm only calling the necklace that because it might actually *be* perfection this time. I'm pretty proud of myself for not giving up on this design. I've been very stubborn...every time I thought that I had it, I said to has to be a better way!

I joked recently on twitter and facebook, that this necklace was an "engineering marvel." Well, maybe not quite, but it felt that way to me since I've spent many days bugging family members (husband Rudy - an autocad teacher, and son Daniel - an engineering student). I asked, prodded, wondered why, asked some more, tried to change minds...and finally, FINALLY, I came up with the final design mostly all by my little ole self. It might look the same as some of the others on flickr, but it *is*'ll have to take my word for it.

Now, I won't give you details, but I've given you a close-up to try and figure out what the problems were, and how I fixed them. I am wholesaling these after all, so I wouldn't feel right spilling all the beans, but...anyway, here you go. Enjoy wracking your brain, like I have!


Nena said...

This is perfection!
Admitting that I love your flowers is an understatement.
It is your fault that I dream about flowers and draw them all the time.
Your flowers are a great inspiration to me.
Thanks. :)

Kathi said...

this is awesome Barb. I can see right off a couple of spots that would be perfection breakers and how you engineered it to work. great job. Pat yourself on the back, you did an amazing job.

Susan Turney said...

It is beautiful!!! Perfection is right!

Jackie said...

Gorgeous! From my experience,the challenges in constructing something like this (and it is indeed construction!)is making it hang "just so," without flipping or shifting, etc. This came out perfect though. Nice job!

Anonymous said...

totally beautiful!

bebedesiles said...

Wonderful. i like it very much, colours and forms ! Perfect

Anonymous said...
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