Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Bead Nerd and Tejae

Lori Greenberg of Bead Nerd is a really nice gal...a bead nerd, but a really nice gal ;o)

She interviewed me to help spread the word about Progress and Possibilities on her very cool blog.

Tejae of Tejae's Art (her work is shown below) started a new Flickr group called Polymer Clay Today and she's started a thread about P&P there. If anyone else feels so inclined to spread the word, please do! We only have 3 weeks until August 1st you know! Thank you Lori and Tejae!

We've better defined the P&P categories for you below, ultimately it is your decision to choose the one that best fits your work...

Categories and Jurors for 2008

Art Jewelry: Wearable art such as necklaces, pendants, bracelets, rings etc.

Sarah Shriver
Robert Liu

Sculptural Objects: Decorative items such as dolls, figurines, holloware, wall art/mosaics etc.

Marlaine Verhelst
Richard and Jodi Creager

Functional Objects: Items that perform a function such as bowls, vessels, boxes, purses etc.

Victoria Hughes
Jill Heppenheimer

Best of Show

Cynthia Tinapple


Barbara Forbes-Lyons said...

Duly noted on my blog and my workshops site (

Barb aka rubarb said...

Thank you Barb, it's most appreciated!

Cheryl W. said...

'morning Barb -

...was great meeting you during the NM Arts Fair last month - the folks here at the office adore my gorgeous new "peacock-cigar bead" earrings...further testament that you can pretty much create ANYTHING from polymer clay!
Thanx again for your kindness...

Barb aka rubarb said...

Hey Cheryl!

It was really wonderful meeting you and your friends in NM. I hope we meet up again sometime, you are just so sweet and fun to talk to! Let's keep in touch, tell me what sort of clay things you're up to and especially let me know if you're ever out this way again...

And thanks for coming up with a name for that bead shape, you saved me :o)

Take care gf,
rubarbdesertdesigns (at)