Friday, June 01, 2007

Who was first??? me, you, who?

Gosh, I get tired of this. I wish some people would just get over this fascination/obsession they have with noting on every board they visit "who did what when" whether they're asked or not.

I'm sure many don't know the story (especially those new to polymer clay), so let me give you the short version. I "invented" something all by my little 'ole self...or at least I thought I had...for about a year or three.

Swirl Lentils we call 'em. Or some call them 'Swirly Lentils'...don't like the 'y' added, cuz it makes them sound silly somehow.

A few years back, a polymer clay artist decided to post a tutorial on her site on how to make them. From what I've heard, this artist learned the technique from a friend...who learned the technique from the "originator" (hate that word, I like to say "pioneer") at a polymer clay conference.

So after this artist posted her tutorial, she was asked by the "originator" to take the tutorial down. She refused. So, in order not to look like I was using or had used this tutorial, I put up my own versions on PCC called "Scrappy Swirls" and another on my site called "Swirled Lentils with Beadcaps and Inclusions."

I'm sick of some trying to make me out as someone stealing this other artist's thunder (the one that posted a tutorial of a technique learned from the "originator").

...nuff said...thank you for your support my friends :o)
Huge hugs,


Eva said...

Don't worry you're the best!

Kamoe-Clay said...

If the grumbling don't stop to this topic I'm sure no "pioneers" will share theire experience for the future. And I don't understand the problem to say:"I was inspired by.... At last beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I still love your beads unless you're first, second or whatever. My 2Cents! Hugs Karin

Susan Turney said...

Hi Barb,
I'm not sure where this latest "discussion" is taking place because I only go to one board and it's over, for the moment, there! IMO these people don't have the talent to come up with something new and innovative so this is a way to get some attention. There are a couple on the PCC board that are always starting discussions like this, yet their work seems to be non-existant. They do, however, get to sound like they are "fabulous artists" and it's their "duty" to make sure all other "fabulous artists" are protected from the fledgling masses!!!!
As soon as you posted the pics of how you were making your new beads I thought "Uh oh"! I can just about guarantee there will soon be many copies and probably even a tute and someone will swear they came up with them years ago.
And then the "fabulous artists" mentioned above can jump in and carry on about how you copied someone or someone copied you or whatever it takes to get their name out there to sound like they are a "fabulous artist".
I doubt it will ever stop and your generosity in sharing your techniques has probably fed into it.
I love your tutes and love your work and love seeing what you come up with and obviously, others do too. Please don't let them get to you. Just think of them as the pesky little wannabes that are always going to be around and the rational people know exactly who and what they are. Or think of them as gnats at a picnic. Irritating as hell but you're sure not going to stop picnicing!!!
Just keep doing what you've been doing and allow the majority of us the pleasure of enjoying your work!

Barb aka rubarb said...

Thank you gals... :o)

Susan, I'd give you the link to the post, but I hate to drag anyone else into the discussion. If you really need to know, I'll send you the link privately.

I love you know that don't you??

Barbara Forbes-Lyons said...

Some people need to get over themselves. I just posted a tutorial today, too, for what I believe to be a new technique. If it's not that new, I'm sure I'll hear about it, too and take the heat off of you for a while, lol.

cloud777 said...

Barbara.... I wish you to encourage:) not to the bill of exchange the nerves! I saw set of such beads at different masters, but you and see, that you in what скравнение simply go!At you they unusual! Madly beautiful! It not the flattery, is the TRUTH! Creative successes!

Susan said...

Hi Barb,
I'm sitting here deciding if I want to read the post or not. On the one hand it's so damn annoying, but on the other, I wonder why I even care about what someone like that would say! I guess it's because we want to stand behind our friends and cyber-friends when they're being attacked. So, yeah, send me the link!

Kathi said...

screw em Barb....metaphorically speaking that is :) Your technique is your technique, theirs is theirs. the end result might be the same but the road traveled to get their is totally different. They are so not worth expending energy over. now put that energy into your drop dead jaw breaking pretties so I can ahve more to drool over.

oh yah....I want the link gf.

Sandi said...

Oh honey, please... don't be bothered by any such nonsense. You're the greatest! And, for the record, it was your tutorial that taught me to make my swirly beads!

Barb aka rubarb said...

I'm sorry I'm so late in posting a reply here gals...I so appreciate all of your thoughts on this. I'd really like to let it go, so I'd rather not send the link on to you. We all have bigger and better things to do than give attention to everyone trying to throw their "monkey wrenches" into our fun and creativity. I'm working on show stuff, so I probably won't be posting much for the next couple of weeks.

I appreciate you all wanting to stick up for me, but like I said...I don't want to drag anyone else into it, and I hate gossip. Now, let's all get back to the clay table :o)

huge hugs,

valerie said...

good to be said. I'm sick and tired about this discussion that ends up with an "it's mine, no it's mine" thing. Where's the pleasure of creating if you always need to look left, right , front and back if someone do the same as you are?

Maniguette said...

It seems this stupid game is still going on and on. Who really cares who did it first because anyway the results are always different. Our own personnal touch is in all our art, and mine is mine, yours is yours.
Your reaction to just go back to your clay table, have fun and keep going on without replying to such nonsense is very wise and I just wanted to tell that.
Keep on working, your art is really wonderful. Thanks for that too.

Susan T said...

Yay!!! You are absolutely right. I'd really rather not read what those people have to say...I'd rather not give them any voice! On the other hand, 3 girlfriends stopped over today and bought $155 worth of stuff. I know my prices aren't what they should be but it's really mind boggeling when they ask "How much is this"? It was fun and they seemed to like my stuff. And.....I didn't have to say "I think this was originally thought up by so-and-so"! I have no idea where most of my pieces come from. Like....I saw a bunch of black and white stuff so I made some black/white/red stuff......
Happy claying, Barb!

Eva said...

i'm back to see flowers, and you're still talking about that...
i think the first is the chicken.
one thing is really right anyway, you're the first who makes these marvellous flowers!!!

Janet said...

I for one am very grateful that you've been so generous with your work, tutorials and advice. Without it, I may have become discouraged early on.

Eager awaiting to see more pics of amazing beads ...

KC said...

I Learned from your Tuts...And never forget it. Thanx Barb.
It is a shame that people can't take creativity as something from within..

I wonder if michaelangelo and picasso ever fought about art? :-)