Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Color themes for Tucson

Since I call my business "Desert Designs" I'm trying to stick to some "desert" color themes for my show in Tucson. Here are a few lovely Indian Pots that are inspiring me at the moment (Acoma and Jemez).


Kathi said...

sooooo Miss Barb, did you survive the holidaze so far? How many new pretties do you have using the color schemes from the pottery? I wanna see and I wanna see NOWWWWWWWWWW!! *not too demanding am I?*

barbara said...

Kathi! Hey you...I have survived the holidaze so far, but have gotten no where on the color themes. I'm stuck in my turquoise, purple, pink and green mode. I keep using the same color combos over and over! Getting into the neutrals has never been easy for me. I'm gonna give it the ole college try when everyone's back at school next week :o) Then, hopefully I can concentrate when I have the house back to myself! And how are you? Hangin in there? Is Tucson still a "go" for you?

Kathi said...

Well....I am still planning on it.....but the SS department is taking the slow road at giving me my $$. long as I have enough for gas there and back I will be there. Have cooler will bring food and my truck is very comfie *g*

I need to get to the clay table today. Have a hummingbird cane and hot balloon cane calling to me. Be very very afraid. the balloon one will be a landscape with 3 balloons floating over it. I am crazy aren't I?

rubarb said...

oooh, I can't wait! Is the hummer different from the first one you made? They have an art fair at the Balloon Fiesta...stuff made with that cane would sell like hotcakes!! And no 'buts' about Tucson! *g*

Kathi said...

no buts if the $$ comes in. Trust me when i say I am hating this "I dunno when it's coming". The way my luck has been lately my truck will blow up just before I am ready to leave.

the hummer is a new design, and I think the balloon one will be neat. and may have hunks of both if you want :D