Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Where have all the bead buyers gone?

I have a strange feeling that my mass emailings are getting eaten by my buyer's junk email filters. I guess I'll have to put some beads either on eBay or JustBeads. I really want to try a few sets starting at 99 cents, but here's the rub. I figure I'll spend most of my time watching the auctions and getting upset because of not*enough* bidding or hoping people don't bid too high!! I think I've already decided on eBay, sadly JustBeads doesn't get much action...but I hate the type of PC beads that are on eBay. And the last time I listed on eBay, I listed in the lampwork category as well. I got a few emails from lampworkers that didn't want me listing in *their* category.* Have you seen some of the prices that they get for their bead sets? Some go for over $500. Anyway, I don't think they should be threatened by lil ole me... ;o)


cranta said...


I just came to your blog because of polymer clay notes so i don't know much of your history. You have a great sense of color and I love your beads with the flowers and leaves added on.
A couple of questions. When I put my beads in ice water, I got funny bumps. Do you let them cool first or do they go right in? To sell your beads, have you tried etsy? ( I've sold some of my work there and it's much cheaper that ebay, easier to use and you set the price.

Just a thought!

Barb aka rubarb said...

Hi Christine,

Not sure what the bumps could be coming from...air pockets perhaps? I immediately put mine in ice water.

No, I haven't tried etsy, but may give it a go next spring. I think on-line selling of artist's pc beads has been going downhill for the past year though. I'm trying to pick a couple of good shows to do every year from now on. I tend to use ebay more as a source for advertising lately...

Thanks so much for the kind comments, I appreciate it :o)


Krista Sexon said...

Remember when I first saw your beads I thought they were lampwork, so maybe they do feel threatend. I don't blame you not wanting to put your work with the rest of the polymer clay stuff, your stuff is so much nicer then the majority of it.