Friday, October 20, 2006

My website host is down :o(

In the...what, four years since I've been hosting my site through Homestead, it's never been down. Well, the day finally came yesterday. It was down all day yesterday, and still is this morning. My site is still viewable which is good, but I can't edit it at all. I was right in the middle of getting an enormous amount of work done on it, and now it's on hold. Oh well, good time to make some beads right? :o)


Kathi said...

well harumph. how *dare* they do that to you. sheesh whatever is the world coming to?

Barb aka rubarb said...

I know huh...the good/bad news is that it's back up as of last night...rats, now I have to get back to work on it. Have fun at your motorcycle event Kathi! :o)

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