Sunday, June 18, 2006

the same, but different

Try as I may, I can't stop using shiny, sparkley...I tried only doing the "unearthed" series in "earth" tones, but before you know it, I had gold paint in my hands...

Heading out to see my dad today...Happy Father's Day to all of your's.


Kathi said...

nice Barb :) sparklies are always good for those magpies out there >g<

Kathi said...

hey....hows your dad doing Barb?

Barb aka rubarb said...

He's not doing too bad. I took him to the doc this morning. What we found out today is that it doesn't look like the cancer is in his bones like he thought, but he does have a couple of small nodules in his lungs. She doesn't know if it's could be from an old infection. They will be doing a biopsy on those as soon as they can line it up. He's loosing average of about 2 lbs a day, but surprisingly he seems to have more energy. He's talking a blue streak every time I see him. We took him for a ride all over town on Father's Day and bought him a new mattress today. So...he says he's accepted his condition and he promises to keep a positive attitude. Oh, and also today we found out that his liver and kidneys are fine. He got his first hormone shot today, which is the treatment that she says is the best for him. They can't operate because of his age, he also congestive heart failure and diabetes. So, that's about all we know for now until we get the lung biopsy done and see what that shows.

Kathi, thanks for making me talk about helps so much. I hardly slept last night worrying about what the doc would tell us today.

big hugs and love to all you guys,

Kathi said...

{{{{{Barb}}}} I am glad I could "make you talk" about it. I held a gun to yer head from here eh gf? >g< Just know....that I went through this with my I know the path you are walking on. Iffn ya need an ear, or an eye, or even a shoulder....I have a couple of those hanging around here. And....Munchie can give you lots of puppy love iffn you need lil kissies.

Barb aka rubarb said...

Well, it's very difficult at times to talk about sad things. I hate to bring everyone else down. There's enough sadness in the world ya know?

Thanks for the support gf...was your mom stricken with cancer too?